Journal of Chemistry


Voulume: 17
Issue: 2
Article No. 1
Study of Acoustical and Physico-chemical Properties for the Ternary Mixture of (Toluene+ Chlorobenzene + Cyclohexane) at 298.15 K Temperature
Department of Chemistry, D. B. S. (P. G.) College, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (India)
Abstract :

Ultrasonic velocity (U), density (ρ) for the ternary mixture of (Toluene + Chlorobenzene + Cyclohexane) in the various range of composition has been carried out at 298.15K. The observed data have been utilized to calculate various acoustical parameters like Isentropic compressibility (KS), Intermolecular free length (Lf) and acoustic impedance (Z). The various excess properties like excess ultrasonic velocity(UE ), excess acoustic impedance (ZE ), excess Isentropic compressibility (KS E ) and excess Inter molecular free length (Lf E ) have been calculated and using standard relations to the Redlich-Kister equation. The trend of acoustical and physicochemical parameters confirm the dynamics of molecules at temperature and the magnitude of intermolecular interactions among the constituents of the mixture always reflects the nature of substance. The variations in sign and values of these parameters are help us to know the interaction between component molecules and structural arrangement of the liquid mixture.

Keyword : Acoustic impedance, Isentropic Compressibility, Inter molecular free-Length
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