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Scope of Paper Publication in Journal of  Ultra Chemistry 

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 JUC encompasses all branches of chemistry and its sub – disciplines .i.e. almost all thrust areas of chemistry with special emphasis on emerging fields like;                                           

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Synthetic  Drugs
Bio-Chemistry & Chemical Biology Environmental Chemistry,
Polymer Chemistry  Agricultural Chemistry
Petroleum Chemistry, Petroleum Engineering Nano-Chemistry
Material Chemistry, Material Engineering Medicinal Chemistry
Bio-Organic Chemistry Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
Biophysical Chemistry Green Chemistry
Organometallics Coordination Chemistry
Ocean Chemistry Chemistry of Corrosion
Combustion Chemistry Genetical Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry Engineering Chemistry
Pollution Chemistry Chemical Engineering
Nuclear chemistry Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Thermo Chemistry Photo Chemistry
Neuro Chemistry Fluid Engineering
Biochemical Food Engineering   Medical Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Chemical Sciences :- Biomolecular Engineering, Cellular Engineering, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Thermodynamics and Molecular Computation, Biological Engineering, Energy and Environment Engineering, Surface and Structures Engineering, Mechanical/Automobile/Thermal Engineering Process Systems Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nano Polymers, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Processing , Environmental Law, Sono Chemistry.

Journal of  Ultra Chemistry is having a very broad International Editorial and Advisory Board  which is equipped with a number of internationally reputed scientists as well as from India who actively review the articles as well as give their valuable comments and directions for the improvement of the quality of the Journal. The publication of Journal of Ultra Chemistry is from Orient south east Asian region, India.

Newly selected panels of international referees  have been appointed to ensure that the process must be done rapidly and to the highest standards.

Journal of Ultra Chemistry (Bhopal) India   is improved to Open Access facility for free approach of the online full article to the researchers of the developing and third world countries.The journal is indexed internationally in various indexing and abstracting agencies like American Chemical Abstracts etc.

You are kindly invited to submit your manuscript to the Chief Editor or Editor of  Journal of Ultra Chemistry by paper submission form on the website or by email.


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