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Voulume: 16
Issue: 5
Article No. 1
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of mandelic acid with Bi(V) in phosphoric acid medium
Teacher of Chemistry 1Moh.- Hanumanganj Mishratola, P.O.- Lalbagh, Dist.- Darbhanga (Bihar) - 846004 (India)
Moh.- Bela-dulla, P.O.- Lalbagh, Dist.- Darbhanga (Bihar) - 846004 (India)
Abstract :

The kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of Mandelic acid with Bi(V) has been investigated in phosphoric acid medium. The order with respect to substrate and oxidant each is one. The reaction rate is independent of [H+] ion as well as [Bi(III)]. The reaction rate decreases with increasing ionic strength indicating reactive species of opposite charge. The simple rate law explained all the experimental observations. The mode of electron transfer from the substrate to Bi(V) has been indicated is a bridged outer sphere mechanism.

Keyword : Hydroxy acid, Mandelic acid, Bismuth
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Article No. 2
Synthesis, structural characterization and antibacterial studies of Fluoroquinolone Drug-Ciprofloxacin
Univ. Dept. of Chemistry LNMU Darbhanga Bihar (India)
Dept. of chem. MLSM College LNMU Darbhanga Bihar (India)
Univ. Dept. of chemistry LNMU Darbhanga Bihar (India)
Abstract :

The vibrational spectroscopy, such as FTIR has been used to measure the vibrational modes of fluoroquinolones, provides information about structural differences of its individual members. Form the interpreted spectral data Ciprofloxacin has been distinguished by the presence of different substituents in their parent nucleus.
FTIR study provides the most direct and definitive identification of fluoroquinolone and offer a means for qualitative analysis of newly synthesized fluroquinolone drug-Ciprofloxacin.
Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic used to treat a number of bacterial infections. This includes bone and joints infection intra abdominal infection certain types of infectious diarrhea, respiratory tract infection skin infections, typhoid fever and urinary tract infections.

Keyword : Fluoroquinolones, Ciprofloxacin, Bronchitis, Bacterial Gasteroenteritis
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Article No. 3
Studies on the effect of Aquo-Dioxan Solvent System on the biochemical behaviour of the Substituted Valerates
Dept. of Chemistry, V. K. S. University, Ara (India)
Abstract :

Valerates and Substituted Valerates have been found to be useful for humanbeings as its hydrolysis product i.e. valence acid is used in the society in the form of perfumes flavours platister, vinyl stabilizer and pharmaceuyicals.
With a views to study the solvent effect of 1:4 dioxan on the biochemical behivour of the hydrolysis product of a substituted valerate, the kinetic of Alkali catalysed of mothyl iso-valerate was studies in aquodioxan media.
Increase observed in free energy activation with simultaneous increase in the value of both the activation H* and S*, it is concluded that in the presence of dioxan with reaction media, the reaction becomes enthaipy dominating and entropy controlled.
From the evaluated values of the reaction which comes to be 329.0, it is inferred that Barclay-Butler rule is obeyed by the reaction and there is strong solvent- solute interaction in presence of dioxan the reaction media.

Keyword : Solvation and desolvation, Barclay- Butler rule, Solvent u2013Solute Interaction
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Article No. 4
Studies on the effect of Dielectric constants of Aquo-DMF Solvent- System of the Solvolysis Products of Nicotinates
Research Scholar, Dept of chemistry V.K.S. University, Ara
Professor and HOD Chemistry & The Dean of the Faculty of V.K.S. University, Ara
Abstract :

From the eenhancement observed in G* values with simultaneous decrease in the values of H and S* of the reaction, it is concluded that the organic co-solvent dimethyl formamide (DMF) acts as entropy controller and enthalpy stimulator solvent for alkali catalysed solvolysis of Methyl nicotinate.

Form the evaluated values of water molecules associated with the activated complex of the reaction which are found to increase with increase in the temperature of the reaction, it is inferred that the bimolecular mechanistic path is changed to unimolecular in presence of the organic component (DMF) of the reaction media. The numerical value of Iso-Kinetic temperature of the reaction which comes to be nearly 287.5 (below 300) indicates that there is weak but considerable solvent-solute interaction in the aquo-DMF solvent system.

Keyword : Solvolysis, Solvation number, Dielectric Constants Solvent- Systeme,
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